L’algorithme de Google vous intéresse ?

Google algorithme

Document sur Google son algorithme « Page Rank »

Vous êtes un adepte du moteur de recherche Google et son algorithme « Page Rank » ? Les mathématiques n’ont plus de secrets pour vous ?

Je vous invite alors à vous plonger dans un « petit » document PDF de 33 pages concernant l’algorithme utilisé par le « maître du web » alias Google. Petite précision : ce document est rédigé en anglais.

L’équation originelle est également visible même si elle a subi des évolutions au fil du temps.

« …We begin the paper with a review of the most basic PageRank model for determining the importance of a webpage. This basic model, so simple and so elegant, works well, but part of the model’s beauty and attraction lies in its seemingly endless capacity for “tinkering”. Some such tinkerings have been proposed and tested. In this paper, we explore these previously suggested tinkerings to the basic PageRank model and add a few more suggestions and connections of our own. For example, why has the PageRank convex combination scaling parameter traditionally been set to .85? One answer, presented in section 5.1, concerns convergence to the solution. However, we provide another answer to this question in section 7 by considering the sensitivity of the problem. Another area of fiddling is the uniform matrix E added to the hyperlinking Markov matrix P. What other alternatives to this uniform matrix exist? In section 6.3, we present the common answer, followed by an analysis of our alternative answer. We also delve deeper into the PageRank model, discussing convergence in section 5.1.1, sensitivity, stability, and conditioning in section 7, and updating in section 8. The numerous alterations to and intricacies of the basic PageRank model presented in this paper give an appreciation of the model’s beauty and usefulness, and hopefully, will inspire future and greater improvements… »

Lire l’article (PDF)

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