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Internet Explorer 7Internet Explorer 7 sortirait simultanément à Windows Vista

Sa sortie est promise pour 2006 en même temps que le nouvel OS de Microsoft Windows Vista, j’ai nommé Internet Explorer 7 ! Hier, une version beta US du navigateur phare de Microsoft à été mise à la disposition des développeurs et autres beta-testeurs de la marque fétiche de Redmond. Cette nouvelle version estampillée 7.0.5112.0 beta1 est sans doute la première d’une longue série de beta à venir. Qu’apporte-t-elle de neuf ? Pourquoi une sortie si prématurée ? Nous avons voulu à travers cette petite information en anglais vous apporter plus de précision sur le futur navigateur internet de Microsoft..

« …Microsoft has released IE7 beta 1 to MSDN subscribers and a number of beta testers (of which I’m neither). There’s been some outlash that Microsoft should have released it to a larger group but I’m doubtful that would have made any difference in the success of this release.

It is clearly not aimed at us web developers looking for CSS support rivalling that of Firefox or Safari. Whether it will get added into beta 2 or the final version remains to be seen.

Probably the largest difference from before is alpha PNG support. This feature alone will ease some headaches. Otherwise, this browser seems mostly cosmetic with the addition of RSS integration, tabbed browsing, and a simplified UI that looks similar to Firefox.

For those of you looking to try it out, it’ll undoubtedly hit the torrent sites but my money is on waiting until beta 2.

If you’re really interested in checking it out anyways, there’s a quick way to get it running and can actually get around the Windows Genuine Advantage install. First step is to run the installer which will unpack all the files into a temporary directory, likely residing in the root of your C: drive… »

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